Top 10 Freelancing Websites লেবেলটি সহ পোস্টগুলি দেখানো হচ্ছে৷ সকল পোস্ট দেখান
Top 10 Freelancing Websites লেবেলটি সহ পোস্টগুলি দেখানো হচ্ছে৷ সকল পোস্ট দেখান

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Top 10 Freelancing Websites

Top 10 Freelancing Websites to Make Money Online From Home

Freelancing is an incredible way to make money online from anywhere. This is a growing job platform for the freelancer. You must have to be elegant about the technology and process of freelancing. On can make thousands of dollars in a month easily by freelancing job. You must have to be trained about the requirements of buyer. Let us have a glance on top 10 best freelance websites to make money online.

Best Freelancing Websites For 2013


oDesk is the best freelance website for newcomers. oDesk is the largest freelancing site to make money online. It has jobs for beginners to professionals, with clients and employees from all around the world. You’ll see plenty of low-budget jobs on here, but you can also find great clients who are willing to pay well. It’s a friendly freelancing website. You have to graboDESK cover letterwriting techniques for getting started well.

Micro Workers

A micro job site which offers simple tasks like following clients on twitter, bookmarking web pages and commenting on youtube videos. The average amount you can expect to receive per job is low, however it will soon add up if you complete several tasks in a day.


Freelancer is one of the reputed and reliable money making site for freelancers. This is the largest one freelancing site. It has a great reputation. Freelancer is one of the best freelance sites because of the diversity and amount of work available. This site provides free and paid registration plans. There is a chance to make money with a referral program.


RentACoder was founded in USA; a software development freelance website. In RentACoder, buyer requires to put entire project fees in an escrow account which do not get released until the entire project is completed; gives assurance to coder for their due payments.


This is a great alternative of oDESK, with a huge assortment of job postings for all sorts of freelancers. Though it’s a great freelancing site, I like oDESK much. You can try here to be hired for a good job.


Guru is a great site for web designers to find freelance work. Project creators pay up front and the site uses escrow which holds the money until the job is finished, then releases to the freelancer. Offers free as well as premium membership.


Cloudcrowd is a facebook freelancing application that will require you to have a paypal account in order to sign up. The application offers a variety of writing jobs and pays you the day after you complete a task.


Fiverr is absolutely booming, just check out its alexa rank.Anyone can make money on the site, all you need is an internet connection and paypal account. To get freelance work through fiverr you post a gig offering your services, the more informative the posting the more likely you are to get buyers. Fiverr provides a fantastic opportunity to up-sell related products and services associated with your gig. Offer some creativity as well as weirdest gigs.

99 Designs

This is one of the best freelance websites for logo, banner, business cards and web page designer. Graphic design freelancers can earn easily from here.


iWriter is a Freelance writing site, with a bit of a difference. It’s different due to the fact you don’t have to apply and be accepted by a client to carry out the work; instead you pick a writing job from the listings and have 2 hours to complete it. The downside to iWriter is you only get paid after the client has accepted your work, so in theory you could waste time writing an article for it to be rejected.

Other Freelancing Websites For 2013


Top 10 Sites for Online Jobs without Investment

Are you searching for online jobs without investment? If you are looking for home based online jobs without making any kind of investment, this article can help you to find some useful websites where you can find online jobs. Thousands of people are making sufficient money using these websites. In this article, I have listed some useful websites, some of these are freelancing websites and some are revenue sharing programs. Okay let’s see the list of websites where you can find online jobs without investment.

Top 10 Sites for Online Jobs without Investment :
1. Odesk - Odesk is one of the best & secured online job portals where users can find all types of online jobs without investment. Odesk offers flexible payment method and ensure payment for contractual job. Moneybooker is most important payment site for oDesk. How to Complete 100% oDesk Profile.
2. Freelancer - Freelancer is one of the most popular online jobs providing websites on the internet where job seekers can find all types of online jobs without investment. You can find here short, medium and big projects. Usually an active & regular freelancer earns $250 to $1250 from this site per month. You can receive your money through different payment methods such as PayPal, check, bank transfer etc.
3. Hubpages - Hubpages is not a job provider website but it can help you to make money online for free. Hubpages allow users to write articles on their interested topics. If you want to earn from your written articles, you can monetize your articles with hubpages monetizing option. Hubpages allows users making money through some popular ad network such as Google Adcent, Amazon , eBay partner network, Hubpage ad program etc.
4. Fiverr – Fiverr is one of the most visited freelancing websites where you can earn money by performing short and easy projects. In this website, you need to create your profile with your desired job description & working rate as like as other website. You can receive your payment via PayPal.
5. Elance - Elance is very similar to Freelancer. If you are looking for professional online jobs with high project salary, Elance would be the best option for you.
6. iWriter - iWriter is one of the fastest growing freelancing websites for online article writers. If you can write articles & can blogging, you can earn money to sit at home. You can write articles based on your choice. Usually it pays $4 to $8 per standard qualified article but you can choose high paying articles if you are a professional writer. Payment can be received via PayPal.
7. Amazon Affiliate – Amazon is not a job provider website but it can help users making money by selling products online. If you have online marketing skill, you can join this affiliate program because Amazon pays attractive commission on each sale. You can promote your affiliate links on your blog, favorite social networks and online communities.
8. Mturk - If you are looking for short and easy online jobs without any investment, Mturk can help you to find short tasks and you will be paid each time whenever you complete any task. Mturk is operated by popular online product selling company like Amazon.
9. Mylot - Mylot helps online job seekers making money by answering question, uploading images and sharing opinions. You can also make money by referring friends to this great revenue sharing program. Payment can be received via PayPal.
10. Sponsoredtweets - If you have huge Twitter followers, you can make decent money by promoting sponsored tweets on your twitter followers. If you have more than 50 K twitter followers, you can charge $50 to $ 100 per tweet.


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